Information Sources

For your use, we have tried to list several good sources for information on habitat and wildlife management, to plan how you can maintain wildlife on your property, and enhance your enjoyment of your land and the wildlife present. The sources listed are well known for their expertise in the area of habitat and wildlife management.


Texas Parks and Wildlife Department: website at: .


You can search this website for information on many subjects. You'll find technical guidance on wildlife management and developing backyard habitats (wildscapes).


Wildscapes technical guidance: Recommended plant lists:


Species information:


Wildlife management:


Texas Wildscapes Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program:


Book, "Texas Wildscapes: Gardening for Wildlife" by Kelly Bender and Noreen Damude (1999), Texas Parks and Wildlife Press.


This website provides the document Water Gardening in Texas: Website developed by Larry J. Shoemaker, Michael A. Arnold, and William C. Welch for the Texas Cooperative Extension Service of the Texas A&M University System.


More water gardening information: .


Natural Resources Conservation Service:


This website provides a lot of information on conservation methods for the backyard and home, along with many publications available on points of interest.


Backyard tip sheet on Backyard Ponds:


National Wildlife Federation: website at: This website has a lot of information on nature, gardening for wildlife and home habitat management, including certifying your land as wildlife habitat.


National Audubon Society: website at: This website has information on birds and other wildlife and developing backyard habitats for wildlife