July 30, 2015

Unsupervised animals in Ruby Ranch

Please read the following from the Association's Attorney:


The board has asked that I bring to your attention a recent incident in the community involving an off-leash dog.


A resident of Ruby Ranch recently reported to the board that while jogging through the neighborhood, the resident was attacked by a fellow resident’s dog. The dog owners have been notified. According to reports, the dog was off leash and unsupervised, and the incident resulted in injuries requiring medical treatment.


Ruby Ranch’s deed restrictions require all animals to be under the personal supervision and command/control of their owner when not on their owner’s premises (Declaration Section 8.15).


In light of the recent event and the deed restrictions, the board adopted or will be adopting additional enforcement rules, which will better allow the association to address violations of this nature. These new rules are also necessary to reflect new state law that becomes effective September 1.


The board wanted to inform you of the recent incident. However, please keep in mind that the safety and security of Ruby Ranch’s residents is ultimately the responsibility of law enforcement and owners themselves.


The board asks that if you witness an unsupervised animal, use your discretion but do not hesitate to call 911.


Also please report (after making any 911 call and when you are in an appropriate location to do so) any unsupervised animals to the board with the date, time, location, a description of the animal, behavior witnessed, and any other details. Reports may be submitted to Cristi Roberts at The association does not patrol for violations, and can only address violations brought to the board’s attention. Thank you.


You can read the letter from the Association's Attorney by clicking here