Architectural Control

Interested in construction or improvement of your property?


If you are thinking of building or modifying your home, an outbuilding, a fence, pool, patio, driveway, or are making other changes to your property, you’ll need to get approval of the Ruby Ranch Architectural Control Committee. Here are the steps to follow:


1. Review the covenants, conditions, and restrictions for your property, making sure your proposed changes comply with the restrictions for your section. Be sure to review the covenants for Section 1 PLUS restrictions for your particular section if you do not live in Section 1. A link to all the covenants and restrictions can be found here.

2. Review ACC guidelines and policies as necessary.

3. Submit an approval form, with necessary documentation, to any of the ACC members in person, by mail or by email. Please allow the ACC board up to two weeks to review and approve your changes. We’ll contact you if you have any questions. Our mail address is: Ruby Ranch Architectural Control Committee, P.O. Box 71, Buda, TX 78610

4. Upon approval, you’ll receive two copies of an approval letter. Please sign and return one copy for our records

5. Following receipt of our approval letter, your project is approved and you can begin work.

Architectural Control Committee Members:


Contact the ACC at if you wish to make property changes, have a violation, or have any questions.