Guidelines for Property Changes or New Construction


1. If you are thinking of building or modifying your home, an outbuilding, a fence, pool, patio, driveway, or are making other changes to your property, you’ll need to get approval of the Ruby Ranch Architectural Control Committee

2. Review the covenants, conditions, and restrictions for your property, making sure your proposed changes comply with the restrictions for your section. Be sure to review the covenants for Section 1 PLUS restrictions for your particular section if you do not live in Section 1. A link to all the restrictions can be found on the main page.

3. Fences that front the street must be constructed of metal, wood or masonry. No chain link on lot boundaries or within the building set back lines or in front of residence. Fences must have fence support posts placed to the INSIDE of the fencing material

4. Caution for placements in the Right of Way (R.O.W.): Any structures (mailboxes, fence columns, ect) must be placed at least 2 feet off the roadway. When submitting plans for structures near the roadway, be sure to indicate depth off the street and give a full and complete description of the structure (including mailboxes). Why 2 feet?

a) it helps to prevent your structure from being hit by vehicles
b) Ruby Ranch performs periodic roadwork. If your structure is too close to the roadway, it may be damaged.
c) Hays County may decide to require the removal of structures that are too close to the street (remember that this area is not your property).


Specific ACC Policies


A. Variation procedure for the number of “animal units” allowed on a property

The ACC may allow variations to the “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Ruby Ranch Subdivision”, Section 8.15, only under the following circumstances:

1. One or more of the ACC members have personally viewed the property in question and discussed with the homeowner the reasons for the needed variation
2. It has been determined that having more animals than the 1 per two acres will not reasonably pose a nuisance or safety concern for the adjoining property owners (properties to the sides, front or back)
3. All three members of the ACC must unanimously approve the variation
4. No violations of Hays County Animal Control Ordnances can result from the variance

Under no circumstances shall more than 1 animal unit be allowed per every 1.5 acres

B. “For Sale” Signs

In accordance with paragraph 8.09 of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Ruby Ranch, no signs of any type shall be allowed on any lot within Ruby Ranch with the exception of one sign advertising a particular property for sale or rent or signs used during the construction process.

However, for those properties located behind gated areas, the ACC will allow the placement of a for-sale sign or signs just outside the gated area’s entry gates (on RR property only), provided these signs are advertising an “open house”. The sign can be placed only on the day the open house is held and must be removed by the end of the day.

C. Other signs placed on homeowner’s properties

As also called out in paragraph 8.09 of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Ruby Ranch, the ACC may permit other types of signage placed on homeowner’s properties. In support of the effort to prevent the rock crusher, the ACC approves the placement of “Stop Rock Crusher” signs on homeowner’s properties with the following restrictions:

1. Up to 2 signs may be placed on an individual property
2. Signs must be pre-printed (may not be handwritten)
3. They may not contain any defamatory language
4. Total individual sign area no larger than 5 square feet
5. They must be properly maintained (not weather beaten, standing upright, etc.)

Signs may remain in place until all legal challenges to the rock crusher have been exhausted.

Additionally, politically oriented signs may be placed on homeowner’s properties beginning 30 days prior to voting day. They must be removed the day after voting ends. The same restrictions as shown above apply to political signage.

D. Propane tanks

Newly installed propane tanks must be concealed from view by means of one or more of the following measures–

1. The tank can be fully buried.
2. Non-deciduous plantings of mature size vegetation that is designed to hide the tank from at least front view. Depending on the location of the tank, the ACC may require that it be hidden from side and/or rear views.
3. Fence

The property owner must submit plans and receive approval from the ACC prior to implementing measure #2 or #3.